Join the team: Matrix 2018–2019

The Matrix is looking for 2–5 motivated, curious individuals who want to serve their PLU community by curating social justice content as co-editors of the Matrix.

We are looking for students with experience in one or more of the following: community organizing, writing, editing, graphic design, and/or web layout.

Matrix mission statement: The Matrix is a highly collaborative, intensely experimental, and thoughtfully provocative conversation starter. It is not an echo chamber. It is not a newspaper. It is not simple and it does not simplify. It is social justice in process, in progress, in conversation. It is not the final word.


  • Cultivate and motivate a network of contributors across a variety of disciplines/forms/mediums and skill levels (faculty and students) who are invested in social justice
  • Maintain with new content.
  • Work alongside faculty adviser Beth Kraig (History) and the rest of the Matrix and student media teams.
  • Spend a $3,000 budget each year: on whatever social justice publications and events that you think our community needs. In previous years, editors have published submissions in magazines, chapbooks, alphabet books, and online content. They have hosted poetry readings, community dialogues, and guest lecturers.


  • Care of PLU community: The Matrix was started in 1996 when our first editors felt nuanced social justice conversations were being stifled on campus. We remain committed to addressing what is unaddressed, contextualizing what is decontextualized, and starting conversations that need to be started.
  • Curious: Everything has the possibility of being a story, and we try to uplift voices that might otherwise be lost.
  • Commitment to social justice: Editing The Matrix requires considering and responding to social justice topics in complex ways.
  • Definitely motivated: Intrigued by new opportunities, ready to experiment with social justice discussions and forums, focused on achieving quality social justice media at PLU.


  • 1–2 COMA 429 credits
  • Collaborative, creative control of The Matrix
  • Ability to apply for conference (transportation and registration) funding
  • Great resume and portfolio experience

To apply: Submit three samples of your work (in-class or independent work, academic or creative, readily accepted) and a resume to by April 5. Include in your email a brief, informal statement — a few sentences is fine — about why you are interested.

This role would begin during Spring 2018 (this term), where you would meet and work with the current team, and continue through Spring 2019. If you are interested but studying away for either Fall 2018 or Spring 2019, we still encourage you to apply!

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